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Innovation doesn’t need a label. It’s just what we do

Why Innovate in Leeds?

We’re a city which looks outward for inspiration, and leans in to find the right expertise and partnerships to develop solutions.

Our city is a destination for entrepreneurs, innovators and research experts; home to innovative start-ups, world class universities and global corporates, who are not afraid to push boundaries, create new products, services and employment.

We’re a centre for world-class research, with renowned universities and further education colleges. Skills learnt in those institutions drive entrepreneurship and enterprise, attracting talent from around the globe to our broad-based economy.

We’re constantly strengthening those international links, encouraging trade and investment focused on our thriving healthcare, creative and digital sectors, as well as forging partnerships between our universities and business. Through the Eurocities network, we’re sharing best practice, adapting to the digitalisation, and addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

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