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White Rose Business Park

An initial concept has been developed by the landowners that would see a combined and comprehensive master planning approach to WROP and Millshaw, bringing them together as a single place through a broader integrated mix of uses that could include office, residential, primary school, primary health care, ancilliary retail, car parking, gym, children’s day care, green open spaces and play areas for children.

The area combined of the White Rose Office Park and the Millshaw Industrial Estate and the adjoining land owned by the Council is 74 acres and as such represents a very substantial area that could see transformational change through the progression, refinement and realisation of these early ideas.

The plan would represent a significant redevelopment of the Millshaw estate, where the landowners are mindful of the need to approach this in a managed way, working with the Council so that existing occupiers can be relocated and accommodated elsewhere in South Leeds or across the wider city in a way that enables their continued operation, sustainability and retention of local employment. The vision would be to deliver new buildings representing best practice in design and sustainability, rebalancing the site towards a focus on people and public spaces, creating attractive, safe and legible links throughout and connecting into the adjoining White Rose shopping centre and with adjoining neighbourhoods. 

The wider White Rose area has developed over a period of dominance by and reliance on private vehicles as a means of access and there is therefore a clear opportunity to shift such reliance and achieve modal shift to other means of transport. At this scale of development the floorspace envisaged would equate to around 12,000 new jobs created, though any additionality would clearly need to be considered against the need to retain employment in those businesses relocating from the current estate.


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White Rose Business Park

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