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East of Otley

The East of Otley site is a mixed-use allocation adjacent to the eastern edge of Otley, a market town sitting in the Wharfe valley situated 10 miles north-west of Leeds.  The site covers an area of approximately 30 hectares and is predominantly Greenfield land which is agricultural or open land in nature, although there are also a number of existing residential properties within the site boundary.  With the site aiming to offer; 550 dwellings, a new primary school, 5 hectares of employment land, Public Open Space and the relocation and reprovision of Sports Pitches affected by the scheme, it offers immense benefits to Otley.

The delivery of this development will be transformational, in meeting a range of economic, social and environmental demands.  It holds a significant opportunity to deliver a high quality sustainable extension of Otley and in doing so makes a major contribution to the delivery of the city’s Core Strategy and the Leeds Inclusive Growth Strategy. Given the anticipated scale of development it is essential that the site is brought forward in a comprehensive and timely way with consideration of all the requirements for the proposed land uses and infrastructure so that it is designed and developed to create a new and integrated community. A Development Brief has been drafted by the Council that sets out the guiding principles for the site, with a masterplan to be prepared that will expand on a detailed spatial vision for the site and specific arrangements of uses, whilst also providing clarity on parcelling and phasing of development within the overall site scheme.

A key priority is the delivery of a relief road to unlock the East of Otley development through the provision of a major new access road. For the first stage of delivery it is proposed that a hybrid planning application be submitted which will incorporate full planning for the relief road going through the site and phase 1 of the wider East of Otley development; subsequent development phases will be submitted as outline planning as part of the hybrid application.