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East Side

In close proximity to the Waterfront and cultural hubs, East Side of the River Aire presents a strong marketplace for residential development. A number of high quality residential schemes have already been completed here, with allocations for at least a further 2,000 units  supported by infrastructure proposals to enhance green routes and spaces.

Well connected to the wider city centre and South Bank via the waterside, the area provides for a diverse range of tenures and market entry points within the city centre. A number of schemes are in the planning pipeline with starts on site anticipated over the next couple of years.  Some of the opportunities or existing developments are set out below and in the map above.

Infrastructure Investments

The vision for this area is in line with the Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan (AVLAAP) which is guiding infrastructure delivery plans to provide connectivity to the city centre, South Bank, Northgate, and existing neighbourhoods through improved green routes and spaces.  A new footbridge across the River Aire connecting into East Side opened in 2019, and will be boosted further by the ambitious proposals in the Council's Housing Infrastructure Fund proposals, which will provide the infrastructure to create a more liveable city centre. 

Investment Opportunities

This area of the city provides significant opportunities for new housing investment, with capacity for upwards of 2,000 new homes by 2028.

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